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About Us

Advanced Infrared Resources (AIRA) was founded in 2017 and is dedicated to delivering superior quality, personalised, and hands on infrared thermography training throughout Australia. 

All AIRA courses follow ISO 18 436-7 and contain reference to ISO 18434 and ISO 13379, and are taught by expert Thermographers with real-world experience. The course workshops are designed to produce thermographers who not only understand the theoretical background of infrared thermography, but also best practices to ensure each individual can proficiently operate their Infrared System in a wide variety of applications.

All courses are run independent of camera manufacturers or organisations that relate to camera manufacturers, and distinctly focus on the predictive maintenance uses of thermography.

our team
Jeff Erichsen

The director of Advanced Infrared Resources Australia (AIRA), Jeff Erichsen, has been involved in the Mining and Construction industries for over 20 years in positions as both a Qualified Heavy Equipment Fitter and a Supervisor/Manager. He is also a certified Category 3 Advanced Infrared Resources Trained Thermographer, a Category 2 AINDT Certified Electrical Thermographer #5136 and a Category 1 UE Systems Trained Airborne Ultrasound Technician.

Having dedicated thousands of practical hours and innumerable theoretical and R&D hours from inception in 2012, Jeff has emerged as one of Australia’s most experienced and innovated specialists in the use of Thermography in mechanical applications on heavy mobile mining equipment and fixed plant.

Jeff is also a member of AUSPTA (Australian Professional Thermography Association) & is invited to present his findings and methodologies regularly to the association members and visitors at their general meetings.

Mark Cutts

For more than 15 years, Mark Cutts worked as a qualified heavy equipment mechanic, supervisor, and manager in the mining and marine sectors.
In 2016, he started his thermography career by becoming certified as a Category 1 ITC and accepting a position as a condition monitoring manager at a naval fleet base.
Furthering his thermography career, in 2017 Mark attained his accreditation, and completed the Category 2 Advanced Infrared Resources Thermography course, taught by Canadian Mr. Wayne Ruddock.
In 2018, Mark switched careers and began working full-time as a thermographer with Australia’s most innovative and experienced infrared inspection and technology specialists (IIAT).

While working with IIAT Mark has also furthered his knowledge by completing:

  • Category 2 AINDT Electrical Thermography Certification 
  • Category 1 UE Systems Trained Airborne Ultrasound Technician

Mark has been providing Category 1 Training for Advanced Infrared Resources Australia (AIRA) since 2019 and continues to collaborate closely with Jeff in his condition monitoring business.

At IIAT, Mark oversees Site Services and works as a Senior Data Analyst when he isn’t conducting AIRA training courses.

The material used in the courses presented by Advanced Infrared Resources Australia replicate the courses developed by world-renowned Infrared Thermography Trainer, Wayne Ruddock, B.Sc. Physics, M.Sc. Education, and 37-year veteran of hands-on Infrared Training

Wayne has been delivering Infrared Thermography Training Courses to ISO and ASNT standards since 1980 and has used his wealth of experience in the use of Infrared Thermography in predictive maintenance and building science to develop thorough and practical Infrared Thermography training courses.

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